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Letter to the NHIAA with Questions about The Sports Medicine Committee

I sent the following letter to the NHIAA on the morning of Monday, April, 12th.

I am currently waiting for a response.

If a response does not come by the end of the day Wednesday I am considering the following:


What You Can Do

Call or write the NHIAA and encourage them to answer these questions.

You can find the phone number and email address here: NHIAA Contact Information

Please be polite, especially to any secretary or office personel for have no real responsibility regarding the mask 'recommendations'.


The Letter

SUBJECT: Questions Regarding the Sports Medicine Committee from a Concerned Parent
I’m assuming that you are aware that many parents, coaches, and athletes are very concerned about the NHIAA's mask ‘recommendations’ for spring athletics.
Each of the individual sports’ Guidelines posted on contain a line at the bottom stating:
NHIAA Sports Medicine Committee Approved – X.XX.2021
I have spent some time looking at the NHIAA's web site for specific information regarding the Sports Medicine Committee. I could not find anything, perhaps I have missed it. I have several questions related to the committee’s composition and decision making process. If the answers to these questions are on your site could you please point me towards them.
If this information is not currently posted I, along with many members of the sports communities impacted by these ‘recommendations’, would appreciate answers to the following:
  1. Who are the members of the Sports Medicine Committee that approved these 'recommendations' ?
  2. What are the qualifications of each of the members of the Sports Medicine Committee ?
  3. What were the number of votes for and against each of the 'recommendations' (assuming there were votes) ?
  4. Are there meeting minutes from the meetings about, and the votes for, each of the 'recommendations' ?
  5. Why did the Sports Medicine Committee disregard the following:
  6. What negative health impacts to the athletes were these recommendations meant to prevent ?
  7. What were the likelihood of these negative health impacts happening ?
  8. What support or evidence - scientific or common sense - did the committee rely on in determining these possible negative health impacts
The athletes and the parents of this state deserve answers to these questions.
I thank you in advance for providing transparency into the decision making process that impacts the health and well-being of thousands of New Hampshire student-athletes.
Bradley Keyes
Parent of NH High School Athlete