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Masked High School Athletes Collapse

On 4/30/2021 I sent the following email to the NHIAA, the Pembroke Academy administration and school board, and some media contacts.

I encourage you to copy it to your local school administration and boards as well.


Subject: Are You Going to Wait Until a New Hampshire Athlete Collapses at the Finish Line ?
In case you weren’t aware, in the last few weeks two high school runners, one in New Mexico and one in Oregon, who were racing with masks on collapsed at the finish lines of their races. These were top athletes (one was at a State Championship and one near a school record). One of the athletes was hospitalized.
Oregon quickly reversed their policy, athletes will not be forced to wear masks during races
It’s time for New Hampshire schools to do the same.
Bradley Keyes
Former Head Coach of the Pembroke Academy Track & Field Team
Parent of Current High School Track & Field Athlete