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Winter Track League Meet #3 on Saturday 12/28/2019 @ UNH


Online Results

Team Places


2nd (of 10) w/ 46 points


1st (of 10) w/ 67 points



!!! First PA Indoor Track & Field Win EVER !!!

Our boys beat Oyster River by 24 points !!!

And our girls took 2nd place as well.


We got a couple of nice highlight mentions at for our sweep of boys' shot put 1-2-3 and our boys' win with 67 points.

There are lots of pictures and video available of the meet at



Harry took first in the long jump on his final attempt after a single day of practice this season, while fighting off lyme disease, with three fouls on his first three jumps, and using his 3rd pair of shoes for the meet :)

Kaitlin got her 1st 3-step of a hurdle in a meet - so next week it's 2 or more 3-steps.

The girls 4x160m relay took 1st against a strong field and is currently ranked 7th in the division - significantly higher than previous years.

Our boys and girls 4x800m teams had strong days and have 2 more chances this season to get their times down to state qualifying range.

We had very strong showings from a number of athletes, our multi-event scorers this week were:




The biggest PRs of the day were:



New open meet qualifiers are Cassidy in the 55m dash and Harry in the long jump.



Last but certainly not least, again, we had....


!!! 5 Indoor School Records  !!!


Cassidy Rondeau - Long Jump - 15' 0.25"

plus a tie of her High Jump record @ 4' 6"


Amanda Montminy - 300m - 48.49


Harry Army - Long Jump - 19' 3"


James Dupuis - High Jump - 5' 8"


Boys 4x160m - Tyler, Harry, D'Andre, Jacob 1:22.48


First Time Performances




600m Gwen 2:25.97            
1500m Charlotte 6:12.21            
  Lauren 6:09.03            
          LJ Jacob 16' 10"  






55m Hurdles

Kaitlin 11.23 By .74 secs        

55m Dash

Kaitlin 8.66 By .05 secs   David 7.94 By .07 secs
          Tyler 7.07 By .06 secs
300m Amanda 48.49 By .01 secs        
600m         Devon 1:52.38 Almost 5 secs
1500m         Ben 5:03.41 Over 5 secs
          Hayden 5:21.00 By 2+ secs
LJ Cassidy 15' 0.25" Almost 6" indoor   Tyler 18' 8.75" By 1.5 inches
HJ         James 5' 8" By 2 inches
SP         James 38' 1.5" By 3+ inches









Qualified For





Qualified For

55mH           James 9.24 2nd Open
55m Cassidy 8.10 (8.05) 4th Open   Tyler 7.07 3rd Open
300m Amanda 48.49 3rd     Jacob 39.60 3rd Open
  Kaitlin 48.80 4th            
1500m Lauren 6:09.03 6th            
LJ Cassidy 15' 0.25" 1st Open   Harry 19' 3" 1st Open
            Tyler 18' 8.75" 3rd Open
HJ Cassidy 4' 6" 2nd Open   James 5' 8" 2nd Open
SP Molly 26' 3.25" 5th Open   James 38' 1.5" 1st Open
            Tyler 37' 2.75" 2nd Open
            Pete 36' 6" 3rd Open
4x160m Ali, Amanda, Cassidy, Kaitlin 1:36.17 1st     Tyler, Harry, D'Andre, Jacob 1:22.48 5th  
4x400m           David, James, Jesse, Shawn 4:11.89 3rd  
4x800m Charlotte, Lauren, Iso, Gwen 12:35.68 2nd     David, Devon, Jesse, Shawn 10:15.35 1st  

Full Results

-Girls A Team-12:35.681:36.17
Alison Corriveau128.8251.76x
Amanda Montminy1211.168.3548.49x
Cassidy Rondeau118.05, 8.10x15' 0.25"4' 6"
Charlotte Corbitt10X6:12.21
Gwendolyn Collins12X2:25.97
Isobella Gill12X2:03.35
Kaitlin White1211.238.6648.80x
Kayley Couture1217' 7.75"
Lauren Lehoullier12X6:09.03
Leila Thomas-Guerzon98.9054.56
Molly Keyes1113.8926' 3.25"
Samantha McCarthy1221' 7"
-Boys A Team-10:15.354:11.891:22.48
Alex Chiavaras113:37.48
Benjamin Dugas95:03.41
Collin Dubois12x
D'Andre Mitchell117.5411' 9.25"
David Testerman11X7.94X-1
Devon Peabody12X1:52.38
Harry Army11x19' 3"
Hayden Goyette115:21.00
Jacob Marden1239.60x16' 10"5' 0"
James Dupuis119.24X5' 8"38' 1.5"
Jesse Garcia11XX
Jimmy Valotto927' 11.75"
Peter Landry1236' 6"
Shawn Tremblay12XX
Tyler May127.14, 7.07x18' 8.75"37' 2.75"