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Winter Track League Meet #JV-2 on Friday 12/27/2019 @ UNH


The official JV meet for this Friday was cancelled since only 3 teams signed up to come.

However, those 3 teams - Portsmouth, Winnacunnet, and Pembroke - held our own mini-meet which included a lot of varsity athletes from the other teams (they both had bye weeks) and a few from ours.

This gave our JV athletes some serious competition since Winnacunnet is a Division I school, and Portsmouth is one of the larger and one of the best Division II schools.

We had a TON of PRs in the sprints which is not totally unexpected for our second JV meet but some of the times were impressive none-the-less.

We've also got a nice group of jumpers coming together. Three girls (Lillly, Liv, Rebecca) cleared 4'0" in the high jump in the first two meets. In long jump we've got 4 girls and 2 boys  starting to get steps down and jumping well.


First Time Performances





Autumn 11' 6.5"     600m Dan 2:02.5h  


Liv 10' 2.5"            
  Rebecca 11' 7"     300m Owen 54.5h  
  Sarah 10' 11.5"            






55m Hurdles

Autumn 11.1h By .5 secs        


Zoie 10.5h By .4 secs        

55m Dash

Natalie 8.2h By .4 secs   Dan 8.6h By .3 secs


Rebecca 8.1h By .4 secs   James 7.5h By .6 secs


Sarah 9.3h By 1.4 secs   Owen 8.7h By 1.3 secs


Scarlett 8.9h By .3 secs        


Zoie 8.0h By .3 secs        
300m Lilly 53.2h By 2.6 secs        
  Liv 59.7h By 1.6 secs        
  Natalie 51.4h By 1.6 secs        
  Scarlett 58.3h By 2.6 secs        
HJ Lilly 4' 0" By 6 inches   Nik 4' 8" nh prior
SP         Owen 21' 9.5" By 8.5 inches
          Jimmy 29' 10" Almost 2' !

 Places - not calculated at JV meets


Full Results

-Coed JV A Team-4:46.3h
-Girls JV A Team-1:46.2h
Autumn DesRosiers911.1h8.8h26.8 (4)11' 6.5"
Lillian Corbitt98.5h53.2h26.2 (3)4' 0"
Livia Tyler119.4h59.7h10' 2.5"3' 10"
Molly Keyes1126' 5.5"
Natalie Longacre98.2h51.4h1:15.6 (2)
Rebecca Insley98.1h25.6 (2)11' 7"3' 10"
Sarah Culberson109.3h1:06.3h10' 11.5"nh
Scarlett Miller913.0h8.9h58.3h27.6 (1)
Zoie Wall910.5h8.0h1:13.2 (3)
-Boys A Team-1:25.0h
Daniel Adams-Gagne98.6h2:02.5h1:15.3 (4)
Jacob Marden1220.2 (4)16' 5.5"5' 0"
James Dupuis117.5h21.1 (2)36' 3"
Jimmy Valotto929' 10"
Joshua Tremblay107.9h48.812' 2"
Nikolai Dilullo101:02.1 (1)22.3 (1)14' 5.5"4' 8"
Owen Rowley108.7h54.5h21' 9.5"
Shawn Tremblay1221.5 (3)